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Dear organizers, participants, and guests of the VI International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA&Wellness - Healthcare Travel Expo!

I have the honor to congratulate you on behalf of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee for Family, Youth Policy, Sports, and Tourism with the opening of the VI International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA&Wellness - Healthcare Travel Expo.

Medical tourism is one of the sectors of national economy that is already contributing to the Global Competitiveness Index of Ukraine, improving its image in the world by actively increasing rate of growth and successfully attracting foreign investment.

I hope that this international forum will be a platform for presentation of leading national clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation and recreation centers, and resorts known in Europe and the world.

Ukrainian companies providing services in the fi eld of medical tourism and recreation will have a great opportunity to learn from experience of their foreign colleagues and successfully combine it with the richness of national medical traditions and the competence of our doctors in order to realize the enormous potential of the industry.

Every year more and more tourists from around the world travel to Ukraine to obtain medical services, because they know that the quality is high and the price is aff ordable.

I am sure that our visitors will be able to get acquainted with current global trends in the fi eld of medical tourism and learn about new Ukrainian and foreign companies in the market as well as their new services.

So, I wish us all interesting discoveries, new and useful knowledge, and fruitful cooperation!


A.L. Palatnyi,
Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee
on Family Matters, Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism of Ukraine


Dear exhibitors!

On behalf of Korea, our congratulations on the VI International exhibition of medical tourism, SPA&Wellness - Healthcare Travel Expo, as the industry is actively developing medical tourism.

The volume of the world area of medical tourism, today is estimated at about 30 million trips per year.

Ukraine has a great potential of medical tourism through huge forests and wonderful human resources. Recently two Korean oriental doctors independently visited natural forest resorts in the Carpathians and Vinnitsa region. Doctors concluded that the resorts have a competitive advantage to attract Korean medical tourists, and they are going with a travel agency to invite Korean patients to Ukraine.

If information about the exhibition will be spread among Korean oriental physicians, exhibitors and visitors from Korea will be more aware about Ukraine and this will help in development of medical tourism in both countries.

International organizations of medical tourism The International Healthcare Research Center and the International Association of Medical Tourism published the "Global World Rating of the Medical Tourism Industry - 2016". South Korea is one of the top 10 countries in terms of quality of medical services to foreigners. The number of foreign medical tourists in South Korea is increasing every year.

The Korean government recognized medical tourism as one of the new engines of growth and has pledged to improve the quality of services.

I sincerely hope that the industry of medical tourism in Ukraine and Eastern Europe will be developed with the help of the International Exhibition of Medical Tourism SPA&Wellness – Healthcare Travel Expo.


General director, Commercial Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ukraine (KOTRA Kyiv)


Dear participants and guests of the Exhibition!

On behalf of the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Polish Embassy in Kyiv and on my own behalf, I sincerely congratulate you on the opening of the International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA&Wellness – Healthcare Travel Expo!

Today, we observe the formation and development of a new sphere of tourist services – medical tourism, which involves more and more continents and attracts more and more interested people from year to year.

During a short period of time, Poland has become an important centre of global medical tourism, and as of today, it occupies one of the places of honour among such market leading countries as Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Tourists come to us in order to receive dental services, and to use the services of the Polish plastic surgeons, orthopaedists, cardiac surgeons, specialists in aesthetic medicine and eye surgery, as well as for the purpose of rehabilitation.

The foreign tourists are attracted by the excellent quality of the procedures off ered by the Polish clinics. Mostly these services attract the tourists from the East including those from Ukraine and Russia. The professionalism of the Polish doctors is another advantage, which the Polish sector of the medical tourism can be proud of. Implant surgeons, plastic and vascular surgeons, cardiologists, ophthalmologists and other specialists are the professionals of the highest category. More and more frequently, they are graduated from the prestigious western universities, train in the best clinics of the world and use innovative methods of treatment and the advanced medical equipment in their practice.

International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA&Wellness – Healthcare Travel Expo is a great platform for sharing experiences, establishing business contacts and disseminating of information about the possibility of health improvement while travelling. I really hope that the knowledge received and the new business contacts will contribute to the development of international cooperation in the fi eld of medical tourism. I wish success and prosperity to all participants of the Exhibition, and I invite to visit the Polish national stand which presents a number of the leading medical and rehabilitation centres.


Bartosz Musiałowicz,
Head of the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Polish Embassy in Kyiv


Dear participants and guests!

On behalf of LMT, I am happy to congratulate you all on the opening of the VIII International Medical Forum “Medicine Innovations – Health of the Nation”, VI International Medical Congress “The introduction of modern achievements of medical science in the Ukrainian health care practice”, International Dental Congress and VI International Exhibition of Medical Tourism!

The scope, the unquestionable authority of the organizers, the relevance of the topics covered at the Congress and the high competence of domestic and foreign speakers – these are the main components of success of the International Medical Forum. This is why more and more professionals come to our event each year; why the international participation expands and the number of scientifi c activities grows.

This year, the research institutes of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, departments of P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Bohomolets National Medical University, bodies of the Ministry of Health, medical associations and private companies have organized a record number of events – 80 conferences, symposia, seminars, round tables and workshops in total. I am confi dent professionals will give them their special attention.

It gives me great pleasure to note that the Forum is actively developing despite the diffi cult economic and political conditions in the country. This year it is hosting the International Dental Congress for the fi rst time, among the organizers of which are Ukrainian Dental Association, specialized dental associations, dental centres and other institutions.

The Forum is also a platform that creates an excellent opportunity for the manufacturers and suppliers to present their latest medical and dental equipment, materials, tools, supplies and pharmaceuticals to specialists, conclude favourable agreements and expand business ties. The format is the most mutually benefi cial for health professionals and businesses. This time, over 400 companies are taking part in the specialized international exhibitions MEDICAEXPO, PHARMAEXPO and DENTALEXPO, which is one-third more than last year.

The VI International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA & Wellness – Healthcare Travel Expo, continues to hold a top position in the industry. Here specialists and experts, leading specialized clinics and enterprises of the industry from Ukraine and abroad can share experiences and fi nd customers.

I would like to express my gratitude for their eff orts to our long-standing partners, the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, since they, as the co-organizers, form the lion's share of the scientifi c and practical programme of the Forum and help to maintain its high level.

I am deeply grateful to public authorities for their constant active support of our events, and to co-organizers, professional associations and partners – for their invaluable assistance. Special thanks to the companies for their support and active participation in the exhibition and events!

So, I invite you all, dear friends, to the VIII International Medical Forum, VI International Medical Congress, International Dental Congress and VI International Exhibition of Medical Tourism! I wish you all new professional and business achievements.


V. Yu. Tkachenko,

LMT Company Director General




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