Official support 2014


Dear participants and guests!

On behalf of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Family Matters, Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism of Ukraine, I congratulate you on the opening of the International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA & Wellness – Healthcare Travel Expo!
Medical tourism is an important sphere of social activity that helps people to improve their health and learn about the world. Mankind has always used the healing properties of certain territories for treatment of various diseases – tuberculosis has been treated in the mountains, colds and allergies – at the seaside, gastrointestinal tract diseases – near mineral springs.
Ukraine also has great therapeutic potential – the Black and the Azov seas, the mineral springs of Myrhorod, Morshyn, Svaliava, Truskavets, and beautiful forest expanses of the Carpathians and Polissia. Today's platform of the Healthcare Travel Expo exhibition allows realizing the potential possibilities of medical tourism of our country.
At the same time, a large number of foreign participants who are present at the exhibition give an opportunity to Ukrainian companies to study the foreign experience of providing medical services for their implementation in Ukraine and to familiarise the potential patients with all the necessary information on a wide range of medical aid and related services that can be received abroad.
I sincerely wish all participants of the exhibition good health, creative inspiration and success in all undertakings.


Yours faithfully,
A.L. Palatnyi,
Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Family Matters, Youth Policy,
Sports and Tourism of Ukraine



Dear participants and guests!


On behalf of the State Agency of Ukraine for Tourism and Resorts, let me congratulate you on the opening of present International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA & Wellness - Healthcare Travel Expo!
Global integration processes, availability of information and mobility of scientific and professional personnel have influenced the appearance and development of a new direction, which is located at the intersection of medicine and tourism – medical tourism.
Thanks to its natural heritage, resources and competence, Ukraine appeared in a flow of patients who cross the Ukrainian border every year to receive high-quality medical treatment or improve their health. Mutual demand for medical services abroad is also observed among our compatriots.
Healthcare Travel Expo exhibition aims to join domestic and international organisations, which work in the field of medical tourism, and make it available to many people.
Medical centres, rehabilitation and physiotherapy centres, private clinics, health resorts, medical management companies, tour operators and insurance companies have an opportunity to make a name for themselves, to present their services, to establish cooperation with colleagues and to find their patients and clients.
It is worth noting that the processes of European integration taking place in our country now are intended, among other things, to speed up the process of improving the quality of medical services, and, consequently, to contribute to the creation of a reliable market of the medical tourism in Ukraine.
I am convinced that the great potential of a resort and recreational complex of our country will lead the sphere of medical tourism to a high competitive level and turn Ukraine into a new centre of attraction for tourists from all over the world.
I wish to all participants and visitors of Healthcare Travel Expo inspiration and fruitful work!


Yours faithfully,
V.R. Hordiienko,
First Deputy Head of the State Agency of Ukraine for Tourism and Resorts



Dear colleagues, participants and visitors of the exhibition!


On behalf of the Tourism Chamber of Ukraine and on my own behalf, I congratulate you on the opening of the III International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA & Wellness – Healthcare Travel Expo!
In recent years, a real industry of medical tourism has been created in the world, which in fact has been a manifestation of the new concept of public health protection on all continents of the globe.
The processes that occur in the field of tourism and medical integration lead eventually to the unification of the standards of treatment, payment methods, improvement of quality and accessibility of medical services, and receiving bright impressions from visiting new countries. It has become obvious that the medical tourism changes significantly the territorial organisation of the recreation system, health improvement and health care in general.
Ukraine has unique recreational resources that allow the complete development and popularization of the domestic medical tourism cluster. Effective cooperation of business, government and non-governmental organisations aimed at searching and implementation of the joint programmes, will enable to move to a new level of medical and spa services, reach the European standards and strengthen the domestic tourism wealth of the industry both in Ukraine and in Europe.
The III International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA & Wellness – Healthcare Travel Expo is a highly topical and necessary event intended to intensify and lay the new conceptual foundations of the organisation of domestic medical tourism as well as active international cooperation and collaboration in the field of development of the powerful global medical tourism industry.
We believe that our acquaintances during the events of this exhibition will develop into close, long-lasting and fruitful cooperation for the sake of people, their health, productive life and leisure, and happy being.


Yours faithfully,
A.I. Pakhlia,
President of Tourism Chamber of Ukraine All-Ukrainian non-governmental organisation



Dear participants and guests of the exhibition!


On behalf of the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Polish Embassy in Kyiv and on my own behalf, I sincerely congratulate you on the opening of the III International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA & Wellness – Healthcare Travel Expo!
Today, we observe the formation and development of a new sphere of tourist services – medical tourism, which involves more and more continents and attracts more and more interested people from year to year.
During a short period of time, Poland has become an important centre of global medical tourism, and as of today, it occupies one of the places of honour among such market leading countries as Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Tourists come to us in order to receive stomatological services, and to use the services of the Polish plastic surgeons, orthopaedists, cardiac surgeons, specialists in aesthetic medicine and surgery of the eye, as well as for the purpose of rehabilitation. The foreign tourists are attracted by the excellent quality of the procedures offered by the Polish clinics. Mostly these services attract the tourists from the East including those from Ukraine and Russia. The professionalism of the Polish doctors is another advantage, which the Polish sector of the medical tourism can be proud of. Implant surgeons, plastic and vascular surgeons, cardiologists, ophthalmologists and other specialists are the professionals of the highest category. More and more frequently, they are graduated from the prestigious western universities, train in the best clinics of the world and use innovative methods of treatment and the advanced medical equipment in their practice.
The III International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA & Wellness – Healthcare Travel Expo is a great platform for sharing experiences, establishing business contacts and disseminating of information about the possibility of health improvement while travelling. I really hope that the knowledge received and the new business contacts will contribute to the development of international cooperation in the field of medical tourism. I wish success and prosperity to all participants of the Exhibition, and I invite to visit the Polish national stand which presents a number of the leading medical and rehabilitation centres.


Yours faithfully,
Małgorzata Gawin,
Head of the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Polish Embassy in Kyiv



Dear participants, friends, colleagues and organizers!


On behalf of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Ukraine and on my own behalf I would like to congratulate you on the opening of the III International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA&Wellness - Healthcare Travel Expo.
Slovakia and Ukraine are close not only territorially. Our countries are bound by history, similarity of mentality, affinity of languages, colouring of customs, national traditions.
Slovakia is an exceptional country. You may find it magical and exquisite due to its size and countless natural and cultural wealth as well.  
Our country is famous for its mineral springs the number of which amounts to about 1300. Health resorts of international importance have emerged on the basic of these springs where locomotor system, digestion, respiratory tract, nervous system, allergenic and other diseases are threaten. Many Slovak health resorts are proud of their history that goes back into far Middle Ages.
Health resorts, SPA&Wellness complexes in Slovakia are an excellent opportunity to set up good physical fit and improve your health.
Come and see by yourself the diversity of Slovakia, get unforgettable impressions from visiting our health resorts and feel hosts' cordiality and hospitality in full.
III International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA&Wellness - Healthcare Travel Expo is a relevant and necessary event that contributes to development of medical tourism between our countries, it's a platform that represents the opportunities to get high-quality medical services in Ukraine and beyond its borders, and medical tourism itself is a lifestyle of modern human being.
Wish you all good health, fruitful cooperation and constructive dialogue.


Faithfully yours,
Juraj Siváček,  
Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador
of the Slovak Republic in Ukraine




Dear Friends,
With great pleasure, I welcome you to the third international exhibition of medical tourism, spa & wellness – healthcare travel expo 2014 organized by the LMT corporation. The annual Expo has become a milestone event for the representatives of the medical tourism operators both in Ukraine and all over the world, including Malaysia, to showcase their signature products and services to the regional consumer market.
Encouraged by the strong response and enthusiasm of the visitors to the Expo in the past years, I am indeed honored that the Embassy of Malaysia has decided for the second time to take part, on behalf of Malaysia Health Travel Council (MHTC). MHTC is a dedicated agency set up by the Government of Malaysia to promote Malaysia as the preferred healthcare travel destination to those who demand world class services and standard at competitive rates.
I am confident that this expo will be a useful platform for all visitors to make informed and considered decisions as to where would be their preferred choice of healthcare travel destination.


Chuah Teong Ban
Ambassador to Malaysia in Ukraine



Attention to the participants of V International Medical Forum

My congratulations on the opening of V Anniversary International Medical Forum “Medicine Innovations- the Nation's Health!”
The Association Agreement with the EU signed by Georgia and Ukraine and its further implementation requires further raise of standards to reach the European level in all sectors of life, including the field of medicine and pharmacy. So, holding of these complex and large-scale events involving international health care professionals is an important step to improve the quality of medical care.
Taking this opportunity I would like to wish a successful conduction of V Anniversary International Medical Forum!


Faithfully yours,
Mikheil Ukleba,
Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador
Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine



Dear Sirs!

On behalf of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, I wish to express our pleasure from participation in the III International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA & Wellness – Healthcare Travel Expo!
Especially in the field of tourism and related business areas Austrian companies have longstanding experience and are interested in sharing their experience and know-how with Ukrainian partners for the mutual benefit of both parties. The branches of medical tourism, SPA & Wellness offer a great deal of opportunities for good cooperation and further development.
Therefore, we are pleased to have the possibility to participate in this important exhibition from our office’s side in order to contribute to the further cooperation between Austrian and Ukrainian business.
Looking forward to a success I send my best regards to all participants, visitors and organizers!


Hermann Ortner,
Commercial Counselor at the Austrian Embassy



Dear attendees, friends, colleagues and organizers!

Let me on behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Ukraine and me personally welcome you to the opening of the III International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA&Wellness - Healthcare Travel Expo.
Bulgaria is close to you not only geographically. Our countries are tied by the history, popular traditions, similar mentality and linguistic affinity.
Bulgaria is a modern tourist destination that offers many opportunities throughout the year to relax and strengthen your health as well as to make different interesting tours around the country. Almost anything is there in Bulgaria – the sun, the sea, the mountains, the remnants of seven civilizations, spa and recreational products of the world level, natural treasures, Thracian treasures, the ancient sanctuaries.
Bulgaria is one of the richest countries in the number of therapeutic mineral springs in Europe. One of the hottest springs in Europe such as mineral water geyser Sapareva Banya with a temperature of 101.4 degrees is located there. With about 800 springs, Bulgaria offers a variety of spa and balneology health resorts, hotels and spa centers where all guests can take a rest after working days, relax, cheer up and recharge.
Mineral water in Bulgaria has long been known for its therapeutic effect that gives health and beauty. Bulgaria is rich in unique hydrothermal resources with different chemical and physical composition. There are all kinds of mineral water in the country that exist in nature. The Black Sea coast is known for its curative mud treating many diseases. Bulgaria is one of the first in the world in a variety of medical herbs and the number of sunny days which is 20% higher than in the Central and North-Western Europe.

I wish you all health, fruitful cooperation and meaningful dialogue.


Krasimir Minchev,
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
of the Republic of Bulgaria in Ukraine